EasiCleanse® Bath


What is EasiCleanse Bath?

The one product for every bathing purpose is packed with all the versatility healthcare professionals need to give patients the hospital bathing experience they want.

Watch the short video to see how EasiCleanse Bath delivers a standardized, simplified approach to bathing.

Standardization: Simplified Hospital Bathing

One product for every purpose means a less complicated
and more consistent protocol.

  • Full Body Bathing
  • Shampooing
  • Neonate to Geriatric Bathing
  • Perineal and Incontinence Cleansing
  • CHG Compatible
  • Indwelling Catheter* and Meatal Cleansing

Infection Control

Designed to reduce risk of microbial contamination

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A Real Bathing Experience

Soft, self-sudsing washcloth with only 2 ingredients, preservative free and pH balanced

Patient Experience


95% of the participants including 100% of the patients, completely agreed that suds help facilitate a comfortable bathing experience.¹

98% of the participants completely agreed or agreed that they had a satisfactory bathing experience with EasiCleanse Bath.

95% of the participants completely agreed or agreed that they preferred EasiCleanse Bath.


Completely Agree


This was shown in a study of 36 patients and 25 caregivers comparing EasiCleanse Bath with Basin Bathing.

One product for every purpose creates potential for significant SKU reduction and cost savings

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EasiCleanse Bath Videos

What is EasiCleanse Bath?

How to Use EasiCleanse Bath

EasiCleanse® Bath: Overcoming Inconsistencies in Bathing Protocols

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All-in-one, no-rinse, disposable patient bedside bath

EasiCleanse Bath is a no-rinse self-sudsing disposable washcloth designed for the following uses: full body bathing, meatal cleansing, perineal and incontinence cleansing, shampooing and neonatal bathing. EasiCleanse is compatible with Coloplast’s Micro-Guard™ CHG solution 4% for anti-microbial bathing.

  • Self-sudsing for a pleasant patient experience
  • Polyurethane foam washcloth embedded with 2 ingredients and no preservatives
  • No filmy residue left on skin
  • No basin needed, to help avoid the risk of basin-associated contamination

Ingredients and Cloth

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate◦ No rinse cleanser
◦ Surfactant
Panthenol◦ Skin Conditioner

Polyurethane foamSoft, soothing cloth for a pleasant patient experience

Ordering Information

70565 washcloths per pack100 packs/case
70588 washcloths per pack80 packs/case
705530 washcloths per pack30 packs/case
67770CHG Solution 4% - 4 oz. (118 g)48